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Window Signage

The Different Types Of Signage Available

By December 1, 2022January 24th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to signage, there are endless options for how you can showcase your brand name or important information. 

At Wellington Signs, our expertise and options are extensive, and we have experience in everything from car wraps to shop front signage to flags and banners. This means that no matter what you have in mind, our teams can probably make it happen. 

To give you an idea of the types of signage we offer, here are just four key types of signs you could use for your business or organisation. 

Illuminated signage

Illuminated signage is an excellent options for brands who want to stand out and be seen no matter what. 

These signs typically use LED lights, so they can easily be seen overnight, on dim rainy days, and even in situations where there are a lot of signs in one area all competing for attention. 

There’s a variety of types of signs even within the illuminated signs category. From simple lights that highlight a standard sign, to lightboxes where the entire logo is lit up, to backlit signs where elegant lighting outlines the letters and shapes of your logo from behind. 

With creativity and skill, we can create beautiful illuminated signage to help ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. 

Interior signage

Interior signage is less about grabbing attention, and more about helping visitors to your site enjoy a clear and stress-free experience. This is true for any business or organisation, from a large mall that needs to direct shoppers where to go, to a single store that needs to point customers towards the changing rooms, various departments, and check out area. 

These kinds of signs can also be hugely varied. For example, you can include digital screens for information that changes regularly or daily. It could include simple wayfinding signs, signs with your logo on them, and signs on internal windows. 

The benefits of interior signage include the fact that the signs aren’t exposed to the elements, it’s often easier to create powered signs due to more outlets indoors, and there’s plenty of wall space available. 

Exterior signage 

Exterior signage is extremely important for businesses, as it will help to advertise your brand, give passers-by an idea of your products and services, and make it easy for customers to spot your storefront. 

It’s important that your storefront signage is consistent with the rest of your branding, but it also has to stand out and make a great first impression. 

These signs can include everything from large brand name signs over the door to flags and banners out front, large images splashed across multiple windows, and more. 

Window graphics

Window graphics are a great way to make the most of your visible shopfront, all without blocking out the natural light.

The options for what you can do with window graphics are limitless, from simple logos and slogans to large images, and sale promotions. It adds a professional look to your business, and is easy to change should you wish to freshen up your exteriors regularly. 

Wellington Signs is a specialist in the Wellington region. We offer all manner of signage, from interior and exterior signs to window graphics, illuminated signs, car and bike wraps, flags and banners, and so much more. If there’s a sign you want to create, we can help to make it happen. 

Contact us today to let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll provide a free quote to help get you started.