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Windscreen Scratch Removal

With the help of our distortion-free polishing technique, we can remove scratches from your windscreen and restore the glass to like-new condition.

Every time you drive, your car’s windscreen is exposed to a variety of elements, and like any big glass surface, scratches are nearly inevitable. Your windscreen may be scratched by anything from little flying debris to using old, worn-out wipers, to just cleaning it yourself. Sometimes a scratch is hardly apparent, and other times it’s a big one that sticks out every time you use your vehicle.

Windscreen scratches can be more than just an inconvenience. They can be dangerous if they decrease your visibility and may result in a fail when you go for a Warrant Of Fitness.

At Supreme Screens, we have specialised tools and materials that can safely remove a wide range of scratches, and our staff are trained to make sure the results never impair the structural integrity of the glass or your view. Sometimes, though, our assessment will indicate that the scratches cannot be safely removed, in which case we will advise replacing the windscreen.

Contact us today if you’ve noticed a pesky little scratch on your windscreen.
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Our Process

1. Schedule Your Repair/Replacement
2. We come to you
3. We check you’re happy
4. We handle the insurance claim

Our Services

Windscreen stone chip repair

Windscreen scratch removal

Total windscreen replacement

Removal & refit of all auto-glass

Body glass & rear screen replacement