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Windscreen Stone Chip Repair

Is your car’s windscreen chipped or cracked?

Supreme Screens uses cutting-edge technology from Glasweld to fix windscreen stone chips in Wellington. It is critical that you notify us as soon as you see even a minor chip. Ignoring a chipped windscreen might result in larger, more costly repairs.

Our skilled team of technicians will choose the most effective repair technique to get you back on the road safely, if you require windscreen stone chip repairs. Our professionals carefully remove all air from the break, fill the damage with our superior quality resin, and cure with a UV light, before being polished to a smooth and durable result. By doing this, the windscreen’s structural integrity is restored to the level set by the manufacturer for compliance with New Zealand Safety Standards.

Restore the strength of your windscreen and prevent the risk of irreparable cracking. We can repair stone chip damage and, best of all, we come to you with no callout charge! Call us today to schedule your repair!
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Our Process

1. Schedule Your Repair/Replacement
2. We come to you
3. We check you’re happy
4. We handle the insurance claim

Our Services

Windscreen stone chip repair

Windscreen scratch removal

Total windscreen replacement

Removal & refit of all auto-glass

Body glass & rear screen replacement