Body Glass And Rear
Screen Replacement

Do you have a cracked rear screen or body glass on your car? We’re here to help!

Our team have many years of experience in both body and rear screen replacements in all types of vehicles. The greatest part is that, often, we can complete your repair within 24 hours of your call or the insurance company’s approval of the claim (provided the part is available). No matter what brand or model your vehicle is, we can help you with all of your broken or damaged glass needs to ensure your car is secure once again!
If your body or rear car windows have smashed contact us today! Your car will be safe and secure in no time at all. Since resolving insurance claims is our area of expertise, in some cases, we may even offer same-day service!



Our Process

1. Schedule Your Repair/Replacement

2. We come to you

3. We check you're happy

4. We Handle the Insurance Claim

Armstrong Prestige

We have been using Supreme Screens for a number of years and have always found the service outstanding. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mike and his team who ensure our prestigious vehicles are taken care of to the highest standard.

 August 2019

Gazley Group

The Gazley group have been using supreme screens for 15 years and have always found Mike, Sue and the team very efficient and helpful. Representing so many of the worlds greatest brands our work is both varied and very wide spread with everything from the latest in European luxury through to pre-owned imported vehicles and all that is in between. Their workmanship remains up to a quality that is acceptable to our brands very high standards and the work is done with a smile. That is why we continue to use and exclusively recommend their team to our clients.

August 2019

Preferred Repairer for Wellington's Leading Motor Vehicle Dealers



What Our Clients Say About Us


Andrew - July 2019

Really impressed with Supreme Screens.  Install completed quickly (almost within 24 hours) and the mobile service makes it easy for families like ours.  Would recommend to everyone.

Auto Despatch NZ - July 2019

The service was amazing.  My dealings with Supreme Screens were extraordinary, you made it so easy.

Pieter - July 2019

You made the task of finding and fitting the screen to the BMW very easy.  Your company provided awesome service in a hassle-free manner.

Nicci - June 2019

Thank you so much for the new windscreen.  So happy to have the job done on site, with no inconvenience at all to me.

Maria - June 2019

Thank you for your thorough, awesome service.  You removed a lot of worry and stress for me by managing the entire messy insurance situation.  I can’t remember when I had such professional, dedicated service.


Phone Us

0800 99 44 22

04 586 5586

Business Hours

8am - 5pm weekdays



•  Supreme Screens are proud members of the Australia/New Zealand Auto Glass Association.

•  Supreme Screens follow Australian Standard AS4739 2017, to ensure the protection and safety of NZ drivers and their vehicles.

•  Supreme Screens are members of the working group NZ VGRR (New Zealand Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement) who developed New Zealand Code of Practice 141020 for windscreen replacement.

•  Owner, Mike Kuiti is a Certified Glasweld Repair Technician and Trainer.

•  Supreme Screens is the authorised Wellington repairer for the Kiwi Windscreens Group, nationwide.