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Car Wraps

The Benefits of Wrapping Your Car in Signwriting

By November 3, 2022January 24th, 2023No Comments

Car wrapping your company vehicle with signwriting is an incredible way to promote your business. 

It allows you to put practically anything you want all over your car, from your company name and logo to stunning graphic designs created in your brand colours. You can opt for a full wrap, or simply a partial one. The sky’s the limit when it comes to car wrapping, and it offers some fantastic benefits for your business. 

Here are just three of the biggest reasons to wrap your car. 


Greater reach 

Every time you get in your car and drive somewhere, or when an employee takes the car on a job, you’re putting your brand directly in the line of sight of hundreds, potentially thousands of people.From pedestrians to fellow drivers to anyone stuck on a bus, people will see your branding out on the roads. Even better, they’ll see it when you’re simply parked as well. Try to always park at the end of a row or on the street where more people will see your vehicle for maximum views. Not every single person who sees your car will be your target market or typical customer, but with so many people seeing your branding every single day, there’s no doubt some of your audience will spot your car. From there, they might give you a call or visit your website to learn more. 


Affordable advertising

One of the biggest benefits of car wrapping is that it is a highly affordable form of advertising. It is much less expensive than a custom paint job, but it’s also a great option when compared with other public advertising displays such as bus stop posters and billboards. These forms of advertising are for a limited time only, and are in one fixed place, so will be seen by many of the same people each day. Car wrapping is a one-off expense that you can benefit from for a practically unlimited time. You can keep the wrap on for as long as you like, then either remove it completely without harming your paint job or replace it with a new design for something fresh. 


Effective marketing 

A key part of any marketing strategy is simply to get audiences familiar with your brand. On one hand, your target audience might see your vehicle and soon after get in touch or visit your website to learn more about your business. This moves them into the sales funnel, and works as a highly effective lead generation tool. On the other hand, someone might see your branding but not be in the market for your products and services right now. However in six months, they might decide it’s the right time. When they begin their search in your business category, they will at least recognise your colours and brand name, which can give you a leg up on the competition. 


Car signage in Wellington 

At Wellington Signs, we offer professional car wraps that get your brand noticed. We spend time planning the wrap’s design to ensure it meets your brand vision and fits the style of your vehicle. Once we’re done, your car wrap will start working for you the second you drive it away. If you’re looking for more reach and greater marketing effectiveness without the high price tag, get in touch today to learn more about our professional car wrapping or for a no-obligation quote.