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Window Signage

The Importance Of Signage

By January 20, 2023January 24th, 2023No Comments

When you’re running your own business or just getting off the ground, it can be hard to know where to invest your limited funds. 

There are so many areas that could benefit from investment, from your digital marketing efforts to upskilling your team to increasing your product supply, that it’s always a balancing act. 

One area that you should add high on the priority list is decent signage. This one-off expense is more important than simply having your brand name above the door – here’s why. 


Helps to determine your location 

First of all, good signage is vital for clients and potential clients for finding your location. 

Any clients arriving on site for the first time will appreciate how easy it is to see your signage, even if you’re located in a busy or crowded area. Considering how important it is to make a great first impression, this benefit of being easy to spot can offer a much more positive first experience than if you were difficult to find. 

Not to mention, good signage at your physical location can familiarise your brand and location to countless potential clients. A bland sign is easy to miss on a busy road or intersection, but a professional sign will stand out and create interest in your brand, so that clients either stop by for a look immediately, or keep you in mind for when they need your products or services in future. 

Showcases your brand promise 

Another important aspect of good signage is that it showcases your brand promise. 

In other words, you or your designer has spent time creating the perfect branding for your business. If done well, your branding should encompass who you are and a little bit about what you offer.

For example, a playful, colourful brand name with mismatched letters could be indicative of a brand that offers children’s toys. Whereas a brand that provides legal services might have a more elegant font with sombre hues to indicate professionalism. 

Therefore, your signage will showcase not just the name of your company, but the brand promise you’ve made throughout your graphic design as well. This will subtly indicate to customers not just what you offer, but how you offer it. 

This branding is important for attracting your target audience, but is only possible if they can see your signs. 

Gives you an edge over your competition 

Spend some time researching your competition. Visit their locations – or at least view their stores on Google Street View – for a better idea of how their shopfronts and signage look in person. 

Is the sign eye catching? Does it stand out amongst other businesses nearby? Is it visible at night time? Does the branding give a good impression of the kind of business it is? 

In many cases, when businesses don’t ascribe much importance to their signage, they miss out on making an impression. That’s why if you invest in professional signage, you can gain an easy edge over your competition by standing out from the crowd and ensuring your customers know where to find you, and what to find when they get there. 

From shopfront signage to window graphics, banners, and light-up signs, Wellington Signs can bring your brand to life through your signage. Let us know what you have in mind for a free, no-obligation quote, or contact us today to chat about options for your business signage.