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At Supreme Screens we focus on repair. 
We replace a windscreen only when absolutely necessary.

Windscreen glass is not recycled in New Zealand

Most people think 'glass is glass', and that all windscreens that are replaced will be recycled into new windscreens. This is not the case. A windscreen is made of laminated glass - this means that the windscreen will not shatter if it is involved in an impact accident. It also means that it will not be recycled when removed from the vehicle.

Laminated glass does not 'break down' over time. This means that a windscreen dumped in our landfills will remain there forever. Also, there is a large energy cost in the manufacture of a windscreen - extending the life of a windscreen saves energy.

 Because the autoglass industry in New Zealand is dominated by a company who manufacture their own autoglass - thousands of windscreens are removed unnecessarily from vehicles in New Zealand every year, which should have been repaired.


  BeforeLifetime Guarantee -

Not all windscreen repairs are created equal - our windscreen repair technology from GlasWeld, allows us to offer a guarantee on repairs for the ‘lifetime of the windscreen’.

This means that your repair will:

  • not discolour
  • not reappear, or
  • spread for the lifetime of your windscreen – GUARANTEED!

It makes sense -

  • the structural integrity is restored to your vehicle
  • it is much quicker
  • it is cost effective, and
  • good for our environment.

If you have full cover insurance with a windscreen extension, in most cases you are entitled to unlimited repairs on your windscreen with no excess to pay and no loss of your no-claims bonus.