Windscreen Repair

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Frequently Asked Questions

- faq-icon.gifWhat size damage can be repaired?

If you can completely cover the damage with an old sized 50c piece, in most instances it can be successfully repaired.  Damage of this size in the CVA may require further assessment.

- faq-icon.gifHow long will the repair take?

Most repairs can be carried out in 20-30 minutes, and you can drive your vehicle immediately afterward.

- faq-icon.gifIf my windscreen needs to be replaced, how long will it take?

The majority of windscreen replacements can be carried out in 60-90 minutes.  Occasionally a European model can take a bit longer.  Once complete, you will not be able to drive the vehicle for a minimum of one hour, to allow time for the urethane sealants to bond completely to the vehicle.  This is very important for the safety of you and your passengers.

- faq-icon.gifMy windscreen has been scratched by something sharp caught under my wiperblade. Will I need to replace the screen?

No, Supreme Screens use the G-Force Scratch Removal system from GlasWeld which enables us to remove the scratch without polishing - leaving a distortion free finish.

- faq-icon.gifI know someone who had a stone chip repaired, and within a couple of months the damage had reappeared.  Doesn’t that show that repairs don't work?

No, it only shows that your friend had their car repaired by a company who used poor equipment and technique - probably a replacement focused company. At Supreme Screens we are so confident that our G-Fusion equipment and resins from GlasWeld are the best available, that we provide our customers with a "Lifetime of the Screen" guarantee. We promise you that your windscreen repair will not discolour, crack or reappear for the lifetime of your screen.